The power of Instagram for small businesses

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Instagram is a mobile application that allows its user to edit pictures by using filters and then share them on Instagram and other social networks. Instagram has generated several new mediums that enable businesses to find their prospective clients and devise strategies that are aimed at satisfying their requirements. Many big brands are using Instagram to advertise their brands.
Small businesses are also taking notice that Instagram is a perfect opportunity to generate brand awareness and promote products and services among your audience. If you are running small businesses, Instagram is a great place to start for better results.Instagram gives you some powerful forces to improve your brand engagement, such as photo sharing, photo manipulation and sharing on other social networks.

You can use specific hashtags to engage those customers who already have interest in your products. You can also share your visuals on other social media networks to reach more and more audiences related to your niche. It adds a unique value and exposure to your brand.
Instagram provides you the facility to display your images on web via a sharable link so you can stream your desktop users along with tagging, liking and commenting options. Here are some tactics to help your small business with Instagram.

a.     Brand Your Account: The most important thing that you should do to mark your success is personalizing and branding your profile. You need to add a logo or a human image as a profile picture, link your profile with your business website or Facebook business page, and include a general overview to your account.
b.    Grow Your Following: You should connect your Instagram account with your Facebook account. It allows you to post your Instagram images across Facebook to drive more traffic on both platforms. You can also create Facebook Instagram applications via Woobox. It will give more exposure on your business page.
c.     Follow Back: You are not required to respond to all followers. You should follow only those people whose ideas and interests align with your business to increase your branding. Using this way you can stay connected with your audience.

d.     Balance Your Image: As you know, Instagram is great way to tell a visual story about your business. But you should remember that you are on Instagram to engage your customers. You need to be sure that you have a balance between your fun photos and products photos. Striking a balance will ensure success in the long run.

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