Instagram Marketing with other Social Media platforms

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Instagram offers a visual storytelling platform. Visuals give you an opportunity to tell your business story and connect your audience with your brand. More than just images, Instagram is a social media sharing platform where you can share images and videos. You can also connect your Instagram account with other social media platforms and share images and videos over there which will increase your brand awareness.

If you share any visuals of your business and share them on other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.) using Instagram, visuals will be displayed on that network and permalink will be active with that link. Other network audiences can also access those visuals via a direct link if your account is not private.

Here you will see how you can use other social media with Instagram:

  1. Instagram with Facebook: You can share your images and videos on facebook by linking your Instagram account with Facebook. You can do it through your application settings. You need to be sure that you allowed Facebook to access your Instagram activities on your mobile.
  2. Instagram with Twitter: You can allow Instagram to post on twitter but only for iOS not for android. You also have an option to show and hide your visual in newsfeed of twitter. Your Instagram images will be shown in the media gallery so that you can go through images easily.
  3. Instagram with Foursquare: It is super easy to link your Instagram account with your Foursquare account. After linking, you will be able to share your Instagram visuals on Foursquare. When you share you visuals, you should choose to add your Photo Map and Name the location before uploading.

Businesses can communicate with different social media channels in a few clicks using Instagram. You do not need to go into each account to post a really nice image or a 15-second video, you can do so using Instagram; that is what we mean. You can capture the moment in a few seconds. Time is money, and the internet is fastest way to share your visuals. So you get the advantage of this feature to save time and maintain all your audiences up to date with just one post. The awesome benefits of posting the same thing on all social media are:

  1. You can save your time by sharing your posts on other social media instead of creating posts separately on every social media platform. Sharing content on social media is easier and faster than other mediums.
  2. Want to share information for all audiences about a new product, update, event, etc? This is extremely important: you don’t want to get people confused if you made the post correctly on Instagram but wrong on Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Your audiences use different social media platforms; you can reach them all at the same time.
  4. You can contact the same people several times if they have you in all their social accounts which will increase awareness, and you will do it without annoying them.
  5. Visual sharing on other social media helps you to find new customers and with that expand your audience and customer base.
  6. Social media sharing helps to improve your brand awareness, increase website traffic and search ranking.

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