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Instagram has proved itself to be one of the best platforms for launching your new products since its inception in the year 2010. With a customer base of more than 200 million users, it gives you a unique opportunity to connect with your client base with the help of a photo, and gauge their reactions and feedback, which proves vital for your product.
Developing a large, engaged Instagram community is becoming more and more important for brands because more consumers are using the photo-sharing app. These tools mentioned below ensue your usage of Instagram becomes a cake-walk:

Instagrille- Instagrille is an interesting linkup between a desktop app and a Web app and runs in its own window, using a free platform called Pokki. In layman terms, it is a desktop application for your Instagram account. The basic concept of Instagrille is to enable users to view the images that were uploaded by their contacts and also to check out the comments that were made. It enables you to avail the benefits by accessing it with your computer or laptop.

Repost- This Android and iOS app lets you re-post pictures that your followings (users you follow) or followers have published.
To use the app, download and access it on your mobile and sync your Instagram account with Repost. Once you get done with synchronization, you can begin republishing photos your followings or followers have posted.
Repost yields following two benefits:
a. Curate content easily– You are not required to screenshot Instagram pictures, upload them onto Instagram, and attribute the source in the caption section. You can now repost pictures and attribute the sources by sharing images easily with Repost since it automatically mentions the source whenever you repost a photo.
b. Improve community engagement– It enables you to increase the social contacts with your community and take greater interest in their societal life.

Justunfollow– As the name suggests, this tool enables you to remove the people who are not following you back. It is very important for each and every business to promote their brand and increase the number of its followers. At the same instance, it’s equally important to remove the people who are just increasing your contact list without any gains.
A healthy following to follower ratio (1:3) describes your brand as a trustworthy and long- lasting brand, and the people will get a feel that your business is a boon to invest in.
Schedugram– It is a very simple way to manage your Instagram marketing efforts. It’s completely web based and it gives you the power of effectively and efficiently scheduling to your Instagram accounts.
ScheduGram works by allowing marketing managers and small business owners to control their Instagram account through an online interface. Its unique advantage is that it enables the marketers to publish the photos at the best times when they have the chance of being liked the most.

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