Instagram marketing Do’s and Don’ts

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Instagram is a proven and time-tested tool that helps you to move in the right direction for achieving your organizational goals and objectives. If carefully implemented, it can prove to be a boon for your business. But there are certain important factors that need to be looked upon with serious concern.


Here are a few amongst them listed below:

  1. Have a common name for Twitter and Instagram– It enables your followers to identify you without being forced to search over and over again. This enhances your brand loyalty, and people can remain with you over a considerable span of time.
  2. Generate curiosity for the upcoming launches– By giving them exclusive sneak peek into the products to be launched, you have a chance to get their interest even before the launching stage. This enhances your brand recognition and gives fruitful results for the business.
  3. Follow your industry Pioneers“Leaders always guide you in the right direction”. This enables you to keep a track with the latest offerings and advices given by the leaders. By following their directions, you open yourself to the vast pool of knowledge that proves to be of vital importance for you.
  4. High levels of loyalty– Various researches have shown that there is a high level of loyalty among the Instagram users. Use this feature to engage your customers and let them always be in your closed loop of contacts.


After gaining knowledge of what you should always do, let’s get an idea of certain things that you should always abstain from doing:

  1. Don’t have long time gaps in your posts– If you have a long time gaps, people often lose interest and do not track your posts regularly. This leads to brand dilution, which proves disastrous for your product.
  2. Don’t make excessive use of hashtags-“Overuse of everything is bad”, this gives a clear cut idea that you need to make effective use of hashtags. If you overuse, your customers will stop giving importance to your posts, which gradually damages and impedes the goals of your business.
  3.  Don’t invade the privacy of others– Instagram was invented to allow social access to your friends and colleagues. It gives you the opportunity to share your personal images with your group. Never make obscene comments or rude remarks on the images of others. Remember, you will always be treated the way you treat others.

So, let’s make the use of Instagram in an analytical manner, so that you can reap benefits out of it the way you always wanted to. 

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