How to use Instagram video to get success?

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Images are an excellent way to share your brand’s visual story. A picture is better than plain words to explain about your product. And a short video clip is the best to tell your business story. Here is the solution: Instagram provides both image and video advertising features. Instagram has its own video format, and you can share video clips as well as share photos on other social media platforms.
When you want to take a photo on Instagram, you will see a movie camera icon. After tapping that icon you can record a 15 seconds clip with your mobile camera. Instagram also provides 13 filters that are specially built for videos, so you will be able to share creative and beautiful visuals on Instagram. You can select the best scene of the video to create a cover page of that clip to make that more attractive.
There are so many reasons to capture a video via Instagram:
–                      Give a message to your fans and followers.
–                      Capture behind the scenes.
–                      Create a help videos.
–                      Share your milestone.
–                      You can announce a new product arrival.
–                      What your customers are saying about you.
–                      You are running a contest, offer and event.
–                      You can provide a product demonstration to your audiences.
–                      Visual portfolio of your account.
–                      Give virtual tour of your business.
–                      It can be anything that you want to promote your business.
So many brands such as Lululemon, Ben & Jerry’s, Intel, Burberry, General Electric, Nike, Puma, and many more other brands have used Instagram videos to achieve their success.
You can include sound, filters, transitions, sequencing and much more with Instagram videos in order to make them better than before. Here are some tips that will turn your 15 second Instagram video into cinematic artwork.

1.       Fast & Slow Motion: You can include motion speeds in your Instagram video. You can use speed up and slow down tools and applications to change the speed of videos. You can use apps such as Slo-Gram, SloPro, Vintagio and others.

2.     Chopping & Sequencing Clips: You are planning to shoot a video. First, you have to plan what you are going to shoot. When you complete the recording of video, you may find that the beginning and ending are not what you want. You can crop your video according to time limit of Instagram and as you apply effects on video. If video become too long you can make a series of video by sequencing them. You can create 4 Instagram video in 1 minute recorded video.

3.     Add Sound Effects or Mute: Another highlighting feature that Instagram provides is enabling you to re-modify the sounds that you wish to add on your video as per your choice. You can mute the sound of your Instagram video. You can import music from your mobile and include special sound effects to lay over on your Instagram video.

4.     Include hashtags: Be sure that you are using hashtags in your videos to promote your business. Hashtags will increase your brand’s visibility, search-ability and Cross-channel Conversation.

By using these tips you can create awesome videos that will engage more audiences for your brand.

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